Dr. Gregory Church
Minister of Music

I suppose my story could be called one of second chances…and third chances.  Growing up in a Christian home, in which my Dad was (and still is) the music director and a deacon, when the doors of the church were open, I was there.  There was a series of revival services held at our church when I was eight years old, during which God’s Holy Spirit began to speak to me.  Not really knowing what to do, I asked my parents what I needed to do to get baptized.  Their response was, you have to be saved, to which I responded, “Okay.”  At that point, everyone was praying for me, but I was not praying for myself.

     Fast forward about ten years.  Again, during a revival service, I felt God dealing with me.  Again, I had many other people praying for me.  Again, I did not pray for myself.

     It was my second year of college, when I was actually working as youth music intern, that I realized I had never actually prayed to ask Christ to be my Savior.  February 2nd, 1986, sitting in the choir loft of our church, I finally prayed for myself.  That was the beginning of my own personal relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord. 

     A great many things have happened before and since, many of which I am not proud.  First Sunday of February, 23 years ago, I began walking with Christ, and He has never let me down. 

     My prayer now is that you have that same experience, and that you will have Christ living in you, walking with you daily.