Tuesdays & Thursdays 

9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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Kids Day Out ministers to preschoolers (infants through Pre-K) and their families by encouraging them to develop and grow as Jesus did: "in wisdom and in years, and in divine and human favor" (Luke 2:52).

To help accomplish this purpose, the program provides love, care, and education to help develop each child enrolled to his/her greatest potential.  Our goal is to meet the total needs of the child mentally, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

We believe in a developmentally appropriate curriculum and use Wee Learn Curriculum, which is published by LifeWay Christian Resources, as a base for our daily activities.

For more information on Kids Day Out, contact the school office.
Phone: 325-646-8505

Tuition and Fees
Each parent will provide a Tuition Contract included with the enrollment forms. Tuition is paid for places reserved for your child, not for periods of attendance. The contract states that the balance for the previous month must be paid to allow a child to continue in the program. Please make arrangements with the Director to keep your account up to date. Tuition is due on the first KDO day of the month. If you need to pay twice a month, tuition is due on the 1st and the 15th.

Tuition Rates for 2015-2016 school year:
  • Registration - $35.00 - non-refundable
  • Monthly Rate - $105.00
  • Supply Fee - $35.00 

Enrollment information, emergency medical information, health records, immunization records, tuition contract, handbook agreement and discipline policy must be on file for all children. All information and forms are required in writing prior to attendance.


Parents should please provide the following for each child:
(Please be sure to label with child's name:

  • Bibs, baby food, spoon, bottles, sippy cups;
  • Change of clothes, diapers
  • Safe finger foods, sippy cups;
  • Change of clothes, diapers;
  • Towel, blanket, or sleeping mat for rest time
Two Year Olds
  • Lunch that can be easily handled by child;
  • Change of clothes, diapers or pull-ups;
  • Towel, blanket, or sleeping mat for rest time
Three Year Olds & Pre-K  
  • Lunch (no microwave or fridge in room)
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel, blanket, or sleeping mat for rest time

Children will be welcomed by their teachers no earlier than 8:55 AM. Parents must bring children to their classroom and present them to their teacher upon arriving. Parents need to sign in children on appropriate class sheet.  

Departure / Pick-up

Parents are expected to pick up their children at 2:30 PM and sign out the child. Children picked up after 2:40 PM will be charged a $5.00 late fee for each ten minute period thereafter.

KDO Closings
School closings for holidays or bad weather will be the same as Brownwood ISD (except for the first and last days of school). In the event of a delayed start at Brownwood ISD, KDO will close.

Dismissal / Withdrawal
The program reserves the right to dismiss any child after entering if he/she is unable to participate in group experiences or if fees are not paid. Two weeks prior notice is preferable for withdrawal and should be directed to the Director.

Field Trips
Trips from the building are planned to complement the program. Only the older classes will participate and parents will be notified prior to the trip. Permission slips will be required.

Parent Visits and Conferences
Please visit any time. However, please do take care not to upset your child. If you wish to arrange a conference, these may be scheduled before or after hours. Our focus during school will be with the kids.